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По умолчанию Lighting exhibitions 2016 - sharing experience of participation

I suggest in this topic to talk about exhibitions and forums for the industry of light technologies. Who goes where, how much do you consider visiting exhibitions effective?
I do not know about you, dear forum users, and it's not the first time I've caught myself thinking that the lighting industry is developing rapidly and sometimes unpredictably. It would seem, well, what else needs to be invented in the lighting industry? But the development of light engineering sometimes strikes me, in a good sense, of course. While one new solution will complete the stage of production and fall into our hands, three more inventions are already waiting for their hour to get on the conveyor.
If anyone is interested, here is a brief overview of the nearest exhibitions of lighting equipment that will be held on our vast in 2016. I myself am unlikely to be able to visit everything, so if someone from here is going - we are waiting for reports, reviews of exhibitions for the past year (if the exhibition is annual).

1. "Power. Electrical Engineering »
Location: Perm
Dates: from September, 27 till September, 30th
The largest Perm project, where you can meet new business partners, government officials and customers. Participants will present their novelties on stands with their own design. Although it will be interesting mainly to producers and large customers, a simple observer will find there, what to see.

2. Industrial lighting equipment - St. Petersburg (forum "Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency")
Location: St. Petersburg
Dates: from 4 to 7 October
The exhibition is intended mainly for customers. It will present new solutions for industry, business and urban infrastructure. According to the organizers, in 2015 this event attracted a great number of specialists, and more than 20 leading suppliers of lighting products took part.

3. INTERLIGHT MOSCOW - International Exhibition of Decorative and Technical Lighting, Electrical Engineering and Building Automation
Location: Moscow
Dates: from 8 to 11 November
Judging by the fact that the installation of the exhibition will take as long as it will go - the organizers are serious. Four pavilions and many thematic halls - from decorative lighting to automated building management systems. By the way, there will be a national pavilion of China.

4. Exhibition of lighting and light technologies 2016 at SWYTO
Venue: The exhibition is virtual, located on swyto.com
Dates: from July 1 to July 16, 2016 (it's already on!)
The organizers say that this is the first virtual exhibition of this kind. A good option for those who do not have the opportunity to go to the real one. That is, for me  By the way, the participants there are already quite a lot, among which there are manufacturers, large dealers, suppliers and information industry publications. Each participant has a page and a stand for placing products with a description. You can communicate with company representatives via communication modules-in chat, video, ask for a call or send an e-mail. For visitors, the overview and communication with the participants are free.

Unfortunately, I was a little worried about this topic and missed most of the lighting exhibitions in 2016. So while I will monitor new materials on swyto and look forward to a trip to EXPO 2017 in Astana. And if the card goes down - I'm torn to Peter in early October. I hope this list turns out to be of some interest and useful. In any case, I will be glad to know your impressions and reviews from the largest Russian (and not Russian) lighting events. Share your experience of participating in exhibitions and tell us how effective you think this way of finding partners
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По умолчанию Re: Lighting exhibitions 2016 - sharing experience of participation

Okay, but we don't have a time machine, sorry!
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