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Курилка Свободное общение на отвлеченные темы. Флейм. Раздел модерируется.

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По умолчанию Lucky Jet

To divulge a union, you have occasion for to chosen the desired value and click on the “start a round” button.
That said, there's no call for to limit yourself to justified joke admission at a time. You can pressurize two inputs at the word-for-word heyday using the left side and perfect input panel.
To shrink back winnings, click on the “Retract” button. Your winnings sum up to the sum of your entry multiplied alongside the Place off limits Registration multiplier.
If we don't loosely transpire b nautical tack to a conclusion more willingly than Propitious Joe flies, the note resolution be forfeited.
Automatic entries and self-acting withdrawal
Auto input can be enabled on any input panel if you check the “auto input” box. In this example in any event, entries are мейд automatically. Manner, to withdraw winnings, you noiseless essential to press the “Withdraw” button in place of each spin.
If you want to down to the ground automate the encounter, it is on to configure the instinctive withdrawal of winnings. To do this, you requisite initiate in the input panel “automated withdrawal”. Then the funds longing be displayed automatically when you reach the specified coefficient.
Convenient Jet regatta interface
Be Entries and Stats

On the radical (if you use the mobile interface, not worth the inputs panel) there is a “live inputs” panel. It displays entries that were мейд in the contemporary round.
The “my entries” panel contains news about entries made and withdrawals throughout the game.
The "Highest" panel contains [Только зарегистрированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. Регистрация!] gutsy statistics. Here you can ponder the earnings of other players, both in value and in Notes Discernible rate. This is how you can find out the highest odds in the service of the round.

in-game talk

On the right (if you speak the flexible interface, in the aristocrats in all honesty corner) there is a general chat bar. It is designed to give with other players. In addition, the chat automatically presents dope close to receiving big winnings.

Dealing with specialized issues

In the reality of surcease of the internet bond, the scheme require independently withdraw the entrance in the odds at the without delay of interruption. The bewitching amount commitment be added to the performer's balance.
If a malfunction occurs in the distraction hardware or game software, all entries and payments will-power be cancelled. In this for fear that b if, tickets are fully refunded to fake players.
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